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Rajan Krishnan

Born in 1967, Kerala
    In 1996, after completing his masters from Faculty of  Fine Arts, M S University, Baroda, Rajan Krishnan decided to go back and work from Kerala, his home State. Krishnan’s art is very sensitive to his  environment. Krishnan uses landscapes or elements from his immediate natural environment as his “Principle protagonist” to express his innermost, aesthetic proclivities whether in celebration, homage or protest. His works are often, bleak, fragmentary visions of an ever changing Land. Krishnan works in a mode of realism that is significantly not based on images culled from the media or photographs made by the artist, his hyper-realism instead draws from memory, impressions, nostalgia and a sense of one’s shared inherited histories.
     His major shows include ANCESTRY,  Aicon Gallery, New York (2011). THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: INDIAN ART TODAY, Saatchi Gallery, London (2010), THE SILK ROAD, New Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern Art, from the Saatchi Gallery London, at Lille 3000, France (2010), ORE/SUBSTANCES OF EARTH-1, Bodhi Space, Mumbai (2008), RE-VISIT. OED Basement, Kochi(2008), MEMOIR. Bodhi Art, New york (2007). INDIA MAXIMUM CITY, Galerie Helene Lamarque, Paris (2007), EMBRYO, Bodhi Art Singapore (2006), ENROUTE, Bombay Art Gallery, Mumbai (2006), LITTLE BLACK DRAWINGS, Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi (2004) besides many group shows and art fairs in India and abroad. He has curated MAKING ART: LET IT HAPPEN (2009) and EARTH (2010).
Krishnan lives and works in Kochi.